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Rental conditions Sneekweek

We do not allow renting a boat to visit the Sneekweek.

In previous years, we found that our ships are not handled properly during the Sneekweek. We often get them back damaged and dirty. We are proud of our fleet and therefore find it very important that renters treat our ships with respect.

The following conditions greatly decrease the chance of damage. Therefore, when renting a boat during the Sneekweek, we ask you to accept the following additional conditions:

  • During the Sneekweek, you cannot moor at the canals in Sneek, the Pampuskade, the Promenade, the Kolk, the Klipperkade, the Zomerrak and the Startisland,
  • You can dock at the marinas.
  • You cannot attach any flags to the rigging or mast.
  • During the rental period, the ship may not be used as a bar or second-hand shop.

If you rent one of our boats during the Sneekweek, you have to agree to these conditions and sign them before you get your boat.

If at any point during the rental period, we notice that you do not comply to these conditions, we immediately end the renting period, without restitution of renting price or deposit.